A strange rock formation in the forest.
A mysterious crystal.
A full moon.
An ancient secret.
How do you find your way home when you’ve never left?

When Jack and Kaya see a dazzling white light shining from a giant boulder in the forest near their home, it takes them on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. But where exactly have they gone? And will they be able to find their way back in time?

The Stone Gate is an exciting fantasy adventure story that also brings climate change vividly to life for young adult readers.

The Stone Gate and climate change

Global warming may be the greatest challenge facing humanity, and yet most people push it to the back of their minds, a problem for another day. Here’s the problem: climate science is compelling, but it is dry and abstract. It does not engage people emotionally because it does not tell the “story” of global warming. That story is what it will feel like to live in a warmer world. The Stone Gate is an imaginative interpretation based firmly on mainstream climate science. It explores what warming might mean, in one small Australian town, as well as exploring an alternative vision of our future, in an exciting story that will capture readers’ imaginations. I believe this is vital: unless people can imagine what global warming means, they will not engage emotionally with the issue – they will “accept” it but they will not really care.

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One thought on “Book

  1. I really enjoyed reading your book, Stone Gate. The ideas you expressed to let us know the posibilities of a future living with global warming were incredible. Your research was so realistic that I felt like it was what would happen. Thank you for your hard work to produce this interesting, believable futuristic book……..I hope your story becomes No. 1 on the Book Reviews Lists all over the world.

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