The Stone Gate


When Jack and Kaya see a dazzling white light shining from a giant boulder in the forest near their home, it takes them on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations. But where exactly have they gone? And will they be able to find their way back in time?

The Stone Gate and climate change
The Stone Gate is an exciting YA fantasy adventure that young adult readers will love. But it is set in a number of parallel worlds that explore what climate change and a sustainable future might actually be like, here in Australia. It is a great way to get young adult readers (ages 11 to 16) interested in climate change. Please consider giving The Stone Gate to the young adult in your life. You can download the ebook for free.

Please click here to read about why we must move beyond simply presenting facts and figures about climate change and start telling stories that help people imagine what living in a warmer world might actually look and feel like.

Read: Imagining climate change: why the facts are not enough

Mark Mann: the author
I’m a writer, journalist, parent and environmental activist, originally from the UK but now living in Australia. I spend a lot of my spare time bushwalking, mainly in Brisbane Water National Park near my home on the NSW Central Coast. I wrote The Stone Gate because I started wondering why so many people effectively ignore climate change, even though they “know” it is the greatest threat in human history, but I also wanted to write a book my own teenage children would find exciting. Thankfully, it passed that test.

The Little Green Guide
A few years ago I wrote a “pocket guide” to green living for Planet Ark called The Little Green Guide: click on the book cover below to read the book.

The Little Green Guide


1 thought on “The Stone Gate

  1. I really enjoyed reading your book, Stone Gate. The ideas you expressed to let us know the posibilities of a future living with global warming were incredible. Your research was so realistic that I felt like it was what would happen. Thank you for your hard work to produce this interesting, believable futuristic book……..I hope your story becomes No. 1 on the Book Reviews Lists all over the world.

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